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MIT delivers the following services;

  1. Provide analysis of feasibility (validity of the potential product)

  2. Identify the best application of the IP

  3. Assist in patent writing

  4. Write or assist in writing business plans, term sheets, and investor presentations

  5. Provide regulatory path and plan

  6. Write a product development plan

  7. Organize key opinion leader committee

  8. Execute validation experiments

  9. Write results of experiments as “white papers”, presentations, or submit results for publication in peer-reviewed journals

MIT also provides CRO functions including:

  1. GCP

  2. Clinical Trial Management

  3. Digital Health Clinical Trials


Identify and accelerate promising technology from benchtop to market.



Molecular Innovations Technology (MIT) was founded in March 2015 to answer the unmet needs of (1) many international medical and life science start-ups with promising products, who need  the breadth and depth of MIT experience and expertise to expedite their product development and obtain regulatory approval;  (2) mature companies that wish to expand their product lines into areas outside their core expertise, typically, through acquisitions of other companies, or licensing technology through corporate or academic sources.



We provide a complete mentoring, advisory, and hands-on service, identifying strategies and implementation of plans that will expedite the time to market.   MIT enters into business relationships that are tailor-made for each client.   Our experience includes basic and pre-clinical research models, regulatory strategy, and clinical trial design and management.


The Challenge (need)

Many inventors and entrepreneurs conceive of creative, ingenious products, and need expertise and experience to help them (1)transform their idea and concept to a practical, marketable design, or (2) provide crucial product testing and application development results to strengthen the product launch into the market.  MIT provides comprehensive programs to accomplish these goals.  MIT has the resources to serve as a distributor of products that are ready for market.




MIXiii Health-Tech.IL 

5-6 March 2024 
International Convention Center – ICC Jerusalem

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

22-23 April 2024

Jerusalem, Israel (Digitial)


International Conference on Cancer Molecular Imaging and Cancer Pharmacology

27-28 June 2024

Tel Aviv, Israel (Digital)


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